Essential CPM 154 (ohne Bolster)


Essential CPM 154 (ohne Bolster)

(Griffmaterial: Buffalo Horn)
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The Bark River Knives Essential is an EDC sized knife that was specifically designed to be compact, a great cutter and comfortable in the hand. The deep belly of the stout and short blade is perfect for slicing and the blade curve, to the point, mimics the exact same curve made by a human arm motion for that task.  The Essential is a real handful for a small knife. Its stainless steel bolsters add enough weight to let you know you really have a great cutting tool in your hand. It’s also available without bolsters as well.

Gesamtlänge: 15,8 cm
Klingenlänge: 6,9 cm
Klingenstärke: 3,6 mm
Stahl: CPM 154@60-61 HRC
Scheide: Leder
Gewicht: 111 g


Black Canvas Micarta
Griffmaterial: Black Canvas Micarta
279,00 € *
Black Canvas mit Liner
Griffmaterial: Black Canvas mit Liner
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Black Linen Matte
Griffmaterial: Black Linen Matte
289,00 € *
Burgundy Canvas
Griffmaterial: Burgundy Canvas
299,00 € *
Burgundy Canvas Mosaic
Griffmaterial: Burgundy Canvas Mosaic
329,00 € *
Antique Ivory Mic., Red Liner
Griffmaterial: Antique Ivory Mic., Red Liner
309,00 € *
Desert Ironwood #1
Griffmaterial: Desert Ironwood #1
329,00 € *
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