Grizzly Cub CPM 3V (Test run)


Grizzly Cub CPM 3V (Test run)

(Griffmaterial: Black Canvas mit Liner)
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The new Grizzly Cub is the scaled down version of the original Grizzly. This is a limited release of the Cub as a test run before Bark River actually makes a full production run of them in a few months. The Cub is a general purpose field knife that will easily perform and outdoor tasks you might encounter. It rides easily on the belt in conventional carry and the sheath is already set with scout carry straps for horizontal carry if you prefer to use that. The eyelets are also positioned so that the sheath can be easily attached to a pack or pack frame. The Moran-style handle is comfortable no matter how You use the knife from fine work to heavy tasks. The unique sheath has been designed for the Cub by Jenna Martin or Vehement Knives.

Gesamtlänge: 26,2 cm
Klingenlänge: 13,5 cm
Klingenstärke: 5 mm
CPM 3V@59-60 HRC
Gewicht: 252 g
Scheide: Leder

Griffmaterial ist Black Canvas Micarta mit grünem Liner!


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