Boone 2 A2


Boone 2 A2

(Griffmaterial: Black Canvas Micarta)

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The Bark River Boone II is part of Bark River Knives’ Traditional Series of knives. This pattern is based on the American classics that started in the very late 1800s and were the most common style of knife all theway into the 1970s.
This pattern is rooted in the Sheffield - Wade & Butcher knives that were made for sale for the American market - and actually was the inspiration for the U.S.M.C. Utility/Fighting Knife of W.W.II. The feel and balance of these knives is very impressive and you will find them to be easy and comfortable in use for both hunting trips and for general outdoor use. This new 6 inch blade version has is very fast in the hand easy to carry on your belt or in your field kit.

Klingenlänge: 15,2 cm
Gesamtlänge: 26,9 cm
Klingenstärke: 4,7 mm
Stahl: A2@58-60 HCR
Gewicht: ca. 230 g
Scheide: Leder

Black Canvas Micarta
Griffmaterial: Black Canvas Micarta
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Green Canvas Micarta
Griffmaterial: Green Canvas Micarta
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Natural Canvas Micarta
Griffmaterial: Natural Canvas Micarta
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Griffmaterial: Lederscheiben
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