Canadian Camp Knife 2 CPM 3V

Canadian Camp Knife 2 CPM 3V

(Griffmaterial: Black Canvas Micarta)
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The Bark River Canadian Camp Knife II is the largest knife in the Canadian Series and has been specifically designed and engineered for chores commonly encountered in a field camp. The knife is perfect for slicing rashers of bacon to sectioning large cuts of meat such as whole sides of beef or pork. Quartering large game like elk or moose becomes an easy task. It is also very well suited for chopping and cutting kindling for your camp and cooking fires. The elliptical shape of the blade makes it easy to hold by the spine for scraping hides or flattening wide notches in wood to build camp structures. The change to CPM-3V makes this knife even tougher with more edge holding for any task you will encounter.

Klingenlänge: 20,3 cm
Klingenstärke: 4,7 mm
Gesamtlänge: 33 cm
Gewicht: ca. 369 g
CPM 3V @ 60 HRC
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