Fox River LT CPM 3V


Fox River LT CPM 3V

(Griffmaterial: Black Canvas Micarta, Klinge: Standard)
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The Bark River Fox River has been our most popular hunting knife since it's introduction over a decade ago. The New LT version really excels at slicing and cutting. It is faster in the hand and will do fine tasks easier without sacrificing it's ability to do everything it's thicker brother model does. The CPM 3V Super Tool Steel is perfect for this thinner model because of its extreme edge stability. At 5 ounces this is an very easy knife to wear on the belt.

Klingenlänge: 10,8 cm
Gesamtlänge: 21 cm
Klingenstärke: 3,8 m
Stahl: CPM 3V@58-60 HCR
Gewicht: ca. 142 g
Scheide: Leder

Zebrawood Standard
Griffmaterial: Zebrawood
Klinge: Standard
329,00 € *
Cocobolo #1 Standard
Griffmaterial: Cocobolo #1
Klinge: Standard
339,00 € *
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